Digital Marketing



Objective: To target the youth in Sri Lanka seeking premium, fashionable, and upgraded rainwear, and increase brand engagement and sales inquiries through social media.

Approach: Maya Hive took charge of the social media strategy for Defender Premium Rainwear, a Rainco brand. The primary focus was to appeal to the youth demographic and position the rainwear as a stylish and premium choice.

Execution: The team at Maya Hive implemented an engagement-driven and results-focused content strategy to resonate with the target audience. Captivating visual content, engagement creating short videos, and interactive campaigns were employed to grow the brand’s social media community.

Results: The engagement-driven approach yielded impressive results, with Defender Premium Rainwear witnessing rapid growth in its social media community. The campaign generated a considerable number of sales inquiries through social media, indicating a positive impact on brand awareness and customer interest.