Digital Marketing

Junior Kids


Objective: To target young mothers who prioritize their kids’ protection and showcase Junior as the stylish protection option for children.

Approach: Maya Hive managed the social media strategy for Junior, a Rainco collection of kids’ rainwear and umbrellas. The content strategy was designed to complement the product portfolio and align with the brand’s tagline of providing stylish protection for kids.

Execution: Maya Hive’s team created a content strategy that resonated with young mothers, showcasing the benefits of Junior’s rainwear and umbrellas. The content highlighted stylish designs and emphasized the importance of protecting children during rainy weather.

Results: The social media strategy generated higher brand engagement, with mothers actively sharing their kids’ experiences with Junior products. The campaign also led to a notable increase in sales inquiries, indicating a strong connection with the target audience and successful promotion of Junior as the go-to brand for kids’ rainwear and umbrellas.