Sala Global


Since 1964, the Sri Lanka Handicraft Board, widely known as ‘LAKSALA,’ the only State-owned Gift & Souvenir Boutique, has promoted the sale of native handicrafts. They are well-known for their inventive designs and diverse product offerings, which are available at their 12 showrooms spread throughout the island. As of now, the LAKSALA product line exceeds 50,000 pieces. LAKSALA and SALA Global (Pvt) Ltd collaborated to provide local items to the worldwide market. SALA Global is raising awareness of the ability of the dynamic Artisans who create an incredible variety of things. Handicraft, handloom, clothes, batik, tea, coffee, drinks, spices, organic products, herbal products, cosmetics, silverware, brass & burnt brass, gems & jewellery, and other items are included in the portfolio.