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Visa Malaysia Center (, a subsidiary of Jetwing offers a hassle-free online platform for processing Malaysia eVisas. Catering to various visa types, including tourist, work, expatriate, student, dependent, and business visas, the center simplifies the application process. The three-step procedure involves submitting an online application, making a payment, and receiving the visa. The website provides 24/7 support, assisting applicants in every step of obtaining their Malaysian eVisa. Additionally, the site also features tailored tour packages for Malaysia, enhancing travel experiences. For more information, visit

As the web designers of VMC we’ve created a user-friendly and visually appealing platform to facilitate the Malaysian eVisa application process. Our design focuses on simplicity and efficiency, offering a streamlined three-step procedure for visa application, including online submission, payment, and eVisa receipt. This project showcases our commitment to combining aesthetics, functionality, and comprehensive service in web design.